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We have the tools to move industry forward.

When it comes to development in Wilmer, the news has been big, and the news has been good. When Scannell Properties decided to construct a spec building in Sunridge Industrial Park, our prime location was identified in press reports as an important motivator. But other critical factors included:

  • “Wilmer’s low tax rate (the lowest in southern Dallas County)
  • The city’s aggressive approach in recruiting industrial tenants to the market.”

                                                            --Dallas Magazine Real Estate Daily


That aggressive approach meant good news for other industry: It meant we had the right incentives tool kit to nail down a great deal for Ace Hardware; we had exactly what P&G needed when it came to startup incentives (including city and county tax abatements), and we offered the kind of incentives that could nurture Sprout grocery’s growth, now and in the future.


Wilmer Available Incentives Programs Overview - 2017


Lower taxes, bigger deals: While Wilmer tax rates are in some cases approximately half the rates levied by nearby cities, we don’t stop there. Our low tax rates are also paired with high-impact incentives.


Real savings on real and business personal property.

Valuable Abatements
For qualifying companies, the City of Wilmer offers tax abatements for real and business personal property, including abatements on qualified leasing arrangements. Abatements may be granted for a period of up to 10 years, for sector developments including:

  • Warehousing and distribution
  • Fabrication and assembly
  • Manufacturing and processing
  • Regional service operations, including financial, accounting, insurance or other back-office operation.
  • Major tourist attraction.

Abatements for other projects will be considered on an individual basis.

Abatement Criteria
To be considered for tax abatement, the proposed project and/or property must meet the following criteria:

  • An investment of at least $10,000,000 in taxable assets for any new construction.  The acquisition cost of the real estate is not included in omputing the amount of taxable assets.  Construction costs are not necessarily indicative of the taxable value of the property.
  • The City may consider tax abatement for an investment of at least $10,000,000 for any construction related to the expansion, remodeling or modernization of existing businesses provided the business are current in all legal obligations to the city/county and school district and that they are operating lawfully.
  • The City may consider tax abatement for an investment less than those established in the guidelines for the taxable assets based upon City evaluation of economic development factors.
  • The project makes a substantial contribution to redevelopment efforts or has high visibility, image impact, or is of a significantly higher level of development quality.
  • The project is in an area that might not otherwise be developed.
  • The project stimulates concentration of employment and/or commercial activity.
  • A project submitted for tax abatement shall be subject to fiscal impact analysis to determine whether the services required for the facility will exceed the amount of taxes generated if abatement was provided.
  • Applicants must provide a written narrative in for the form of an application for a Tax Abatement Agreement that details how a development/project meets the above minimum standards.  The application must also address specific objective and subjective criteria.

Wilmer Tax Abatement Policy Guidelines – Rev.7/6/17
Wilmer Tax Abatement Incentive Application – Rev.7/6/17

County abatements are also available. For the P&G’s $50 million facility, Dallas County rebated 75% of the site’s real property taxes, with 50% of the taxes collected from the business personal property held on site.

Greater cash grants available through dual ED entities.

As a municipality with both Type A and Type B economic development corporations, the City of Wilmer enjoys economic development funding through two one-half cent sales taxes, with a full one-cent tax fund available for grants.


For companies that meet the criteria, cash grants may be awarded for primary job creation, expansion and retention for a range of sector developments, including:

  • Warehousing and distribution
  • Fabrication and assembly
  • Manufacturing and processing
  • Regional service operations, including financial, accounting, insurance of other back-office operation
  • Major tourist attraction
  • Corporate headquarters
  • Infrastructure improvements related to the project
  • Retail and commercial office projects

A one-cent sales tax levied by the City also provides the discretion to offer cash grants for qualified special projects.


True freedom of movement: Triple Freeport Exemptions

Moving your goods in and out of Texas within 175 days? Then Wilmer offers triple the exemptions—from the City of Wilmer as well as Dallas County and the Dallas Independent School District.


Save big with Texas-sized incentives from the state.

The Wilmer ED team is also ready to help qualified companies access high-value incentives from the state of Texas, including the State Sales and Use Tax Exemptions, Skills Development-Funded job training, financial assistance from Emerging Technology Funds and the state’s Capital Fund, as well as the incentives available through the Texas Enterprise Zone.

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