About Wilmer Economic Development

Type A/Type B Corporations

Wilmer is one of a few Texas cities and municipalities that use a half-cent sales tax for the creation or retention of primary jobs in a range of sectors. These incentives are divided into Type A & Type B corporations and can be used for:

  • land
  • buildings
  • equipment
  • facilities
  • expenditures, and
  • targeted infrastructure/improvements

Type B corporations can also fund projects that are considered community development initiatives promising to result in a higher quality of life or quality of work. Additionally, Type B can apply funds for the analysis and enhancement of industrial properties as well as for retail and infrastructure studies. 

For Wilmer’s industrial recruitment, this dual coverage means double the available development funds, which translate in larger cash grants to qualified companies locating to the city. 

For more information, contact:

Rona Stringfellow
City Administrator
City of Wilmer
128 N. Dallas Avenue
Wilmer, TX 75172
Tele: 972.441.6373
Fax:  972.441.3061


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