World-class medical care just minutes away.

It’s easier to stay healthy and happy in Wilmer with recreation to stay fit and a low-cost, low-stress style of life. And it’s always great to know that some of the nation’s leading healthcare providers are just minutes away.

People who choose healthcare as if their lives depended on it choose Dallas for obvious reasons, and one of the most obvious is the University of Texas Southwestern Medical District, a 231-acre concentration of peerless medical knowledge, expertise and clinical care. The District encompasses both medical and health sciences schools and four affiliated hospitals including Parkland Hospital (now the massive New Parkland), the William P. Clements, Jr. University Hospital and Children’s Medical Center Dallas. It’s a place where leading researchers and teachers look for tomorrow’s cures (the UT Southwestern staff numbers six Nobel laureates with 4 Nobel laureates still active) while pioneering clinicians save lives today.

Dallas’ four Level I hospitals include:

New Parkland

This 2.1 million-square-foot facility was the largest healthcare construction project in the nation, and its size is matched by its service as a premiere provider for care from birth through the golden years. More babies are born at Parkland than at any other hospital in the nation, and every single medical specialty is represented here, making it a top stop for patient care and a top teaching facility for physicians in training.

Children’s Medical Center Dallas

The fifth largest health care center in the nation, a system dedicated exclusively to the comprehensive care of children from birth to age 18, Children’s Medical Center draws patients from all over the region, but it’s also a go-to resource for local families, providing care as simple as eye exams and as complex as leading-edge treatment for life-threatening illness.

Baylor University Medical Center

The boundaries of knowledge continue to grow as the technology becomes ever more sophisticated, but the tradition of excellence remains a constant at Baylor, recognized as a top hospital by U.S. News and World Report rankings for going on 25 consecutive years. Baylor is home to more than 20 medical specialties and is ranked nationally in a third of those specialties.

Methodist Medical Center Dallas

In its new $123 million trauma tower, Methodist has reimagined what life-saving critical care can feel like, with soothing flow and reassuring comfort. Other reassuring facts about Methodist care: the recognition as a “Top Performer in Key Quality Measures” by the Joint Commission and award-winning treatments in cancer care.


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