Facade Improvement Funds Available

July 4, 2022

City of Wilmer

The goal and purpose of the City of Wilmer’s Façade Improvement Grant Program are to encourage the rehabilitation, enhancement, and restoration of building façades of existing businesses for the purpose of stimulating business and commercial activity, strengthening workforce development, tourism activity, and/or other priorities established by the Wilmer City Council. This program provides a grant in the form of reimbursement of up to $50,000 for eligible improvements to facades in the City of Wilmer.

These funds are for eligible economic development projects in Wilmer which meet the criteria outlined in this policy. Funding for this program is at the discretion of the Wilmer City Council.

The applicant must meet the minimum requirements, though additional requirements may apply as deemed appropriate by City Council. Please read all the requirements prior to submitting an application.

Appendix A provides a list of terms used throughout this document, their definitions, and relevant city contacts for the Façade Improvement Grant Program.


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